UX Design & Stakeholders

How to involve different stakeholders in user-centered design process

I have been giving a short assignment by the potential employer to evaluate my understanding when collaborating with multiple internal and external stakeholders during the UX design process. I had to present the solution in text format, but I went extra miles by visualizing through a detailed diagram.


We would like you to write five concise and separate texts advocating for the importance of UX design and your approach to it, with each text suited to each target audience separately:

  • 1. End customer - age 50 and up with different experience levels and 100k SEK or more to invest
  • 2. Partners - financial advisors with diverse levels of technical abilities and language skills
  • 3. Back-office colleagues - reviewing investment documentation carrying out the investments requested
  • 4. Development colleagues - creating solutions based on thorough requirements
  • 5. Senior management - concerned with business goals, strategies and interested in how tactical decision supports those

We would like to see examples of interfacing with many different stakeholders and challenges overcome in relation to that is of great interest as well as examples of establishing widely used patterns and guidelines.


I haven't received any brief about the company but the stakeholders key take notes and from that, I have to identify/assume company services/product offerings. What I understood from stakeholders notes that it's an investment portfolio company and they have 2 external stakeholders and 3 internal stakeholders.

I have presented my UX Design process with a list of activities relevant in each process and then scattered those activities around different stakeholders area where it's applicable. The result came out as a venn diagram, where I defined each UX process activity purpose for that specific stakeholder group.

Below is what I came up as a visual presentation of the brief.

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